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Great Customer Service Experience Examples

Wed, November 17, 2021

Having your hard-worked strategy clearly defined and in place will help to bring success stories. Your reputation will be improved, and your customers will become brand advocates, ensuring loyalty and repeat business is consistent. Businesses can learn from great customer service experience examples, ones that really stand out amongst competitors and go beyond a customer’s expectations.

Emotionally engaged customers are at least 3x more likely to recommend your product or service and 3x more likely to re-purchase1.

If you can optimise the customer journey and put yourself in their shoes, you can create the ultimate customer experience for them every time. At Ventrica, we help do exactly that for global brands with an innovative and dynamic, service-driven approach.

Create Amazing Customer Experience Stories

As an internationally recognised leader and contact centre partner for blue chip brands, we know how important customer experience success stories are. It’s vital to listen to customer feedback and implement change to improve experiences.

McDonald’s2 - as one of the most famous brands worldwide, McDonald’s focused on the customer experience when met with declining sales. This involved listening to their customer’s feedback and streamlining their experience, working on the pain points that were highlighted. This included simplifying their menu and improving order accuracy, whilst reducing wait times. Using automation through digital self-service kiosks and table service helped influence a sales growth of 4.1%.

Casper3 – through an innovative omnichannel approach, mattress company Casper created a unique chatbot that went beyond expectations. Designed to help provide support for insomniacs, customers could text from their smartphone and converse with the chatbot about anything on their minds. This real conversation feature took the customer experience to the next level, whilst also providing offers and discounts on products and services. The company recorded $100 million in sales revenue within a year of the chatbot’s introduction.

Monzo3 – the online bank identified that speed and convenience was what customers wanted when banking with them. This meant simplifying processes and making their tone of voice throughout their website easy to understand and removing unnecessary jargon. Through an online forum of their customers, they were able to directly ask them questions and collate feedback, creating new categories to help support them further with banking. Creating a feedback loop helps to continuously keep customers involved with positive changes.

OhLolly4 - OhLolly are a beauty brand that has worked hard on providing the ultimate customer experience, placing feedback and personalisation as a priority. By requesting feedback on the brands they provide regularly, they then curate beauty solutions specific to the customer. This goes as far as notifying them when something that was out of stock is available, keeping customers updated via messaging. This experience is all about keeping a dialogue with customers and actively listening to their needs.

56% of B2C companies have a dedicated CX team, with most formed in the last one to two years5.

Crafting the Best Customer Service Experience

Taking the initiative and gathering feedback from customers is a proven way to enhance your services and be rewarded with customer experience success stories. Being customer-centric when planning your strategy and mapping the journey will discover where your focus needs to be, helping you refine your service in multiple areas. Whether it’s the in-store experience, the responsiveness of your website, the knowledge and skills of your advisors or the effectiveness of automation tools, they all need to be working in harmony.

At Ventrica, we provide digital solutions such as conversational commerce and CX consulting to ensure our client receives amazing customer experience stories. By helping them understand their customers better than anyone else, they make positive change through enhanced communication, whether that’s through intelligent chatbots, in-person advisors or implement feedback tools.

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