Your UK & Global hub for multilingual customer service

Centralising your global multilingual customer care support requirements into a single hub avoids the need to set up multiple customer service centres. This will reduce costs, save time on training, and provide a more consistent and unified customer experience.

Based just 45 minutes from London and situated in a large town that is culturally diverse, Ventrica is ideally placed to attract high-quality multilingual customer service staff who have settled in the locality. Outside of the UK, we also provide a global hub based in Montego Bay, Jamaica, assisting with our global English-speaking operations.

We also have an extensive multilingual homeworking facility designed to provide our clients with maximum flexibility and agility.

We’ll partner with you to help strategise the ideal approach for a multilingual solution, helping your brand integrate the latest software to provide an industry-leading customer journey.

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We're all native language speakers

We only employ ‘native language’ speakers with the caveat being they must also possess exemplary English spoken and written skills too. Our approach to multilingual customer care ensures there is never miscommunication, enhancing the customer experience.

International candidates joining our organisation go through the same rigorous application process as our English staff. Within our Assessment Centres based in the UK and Jamaica, they’re tested thoroughly for their grammatical and written skills alongside a host of other core disciplines. We only employ staff who have an aptitude for sales and customer service, and who possess the correct blend of people skills, coupled with the right personality traits and attitudinal behaviours. In essence, the core skills and attributes of our international team in Jamaica mirror those of our UK staff.

Providing your customers with multilingual customer support removes any barriers, ensuring you can create brand advocates globally. This not only applies to inbound calls but also through an omnichannel approach that helps your customers communicate with ease.

Languages covered by our multilingual customer service include: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German and Polish to name but a few.

We're all native language speakers

“Our established and talented team of native multilingual customer service experts can help address your language challenges allowing you to expand into new territories.”

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