Creating brand advocates

As one of the leading customer care outsourcing companies, we carefully choose the type of staff most suited to work with your business. This involves looking at personality traits, attitudinal behaviours, previous experience, desire, and enthusiasm to be part of your team. Ultimately, we aim to staff your business with fans of your brand, products, and services; people who can deliver more than just your typical outsource customer service calls. This in turn will create brand advocates that will share their customer experience with others, enhancing traffic and revenues.

We engage our team via a thorough induction process, good communication, training, and immersion in your products and services. The outsourcing of customer services needs considerable planning, so as a brand you will want to ensure the service you use will be of the highest standard. At Ventrica we partner with you and assist every step of the way, providing outsourced customer support services that range from software development to integration of tools such as Zendesk, as well as omnichannel solutions. We’ll help you provide your customers with the journey they expect and more.

Creating brand advocates

Customer service outsourcing services - our key steps to success

One of our experienced Account Managers will work closely with you in a clear and structured way, from initial planning through to account implementation and throughout the contracted term. Other staff key to delivering customer service outsourcing, such as our Head of Operations, Head of Client Services, Training Officers, Service Delivery Managers, Team Managers, and IT personnel, are also involved from the outset. This ensures everyone has a clear and definitive understanding of your requirements.

Upon going live, strict quality control and monitoring procedures ensure we are delivering service excellence. Our intelligent reporting provides instant feedback on how we are performing with outsourced customer support services against agreed service levels.

Regular communication and business review meetings help to ensure consistency and set in place goals for continuous improvement. By choosing to outsource customer service in the UK and globally with us, you’ll be assured of constant communication that will keep you updated and enable feedback with our team.

Account Management

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