More than just a UK call centre…

There’s no escaping that your customers are much savvier with technology than ever before, wanting multiple ways to easily contact you when needed. Whilst some are happy to find their way around your website, others will need further assistance to help them.

Having a contact center as a service is the ideal way to ensure you meet customer expectations, but what happens if you don’t have the resource or know-how to do so efficiently? That’s where Ventrica can provide contact center outsourcing and more, allowing you to concentrate on delivering your products and services.

We work with leading international brands and start-ups to help them succeed with their customer experience goals. To stay competitive amongst your growing market, being able to differentiate your service is crucial. That’s why we provide dedicated customer services as contact centre partners, helping your business to stand out.

More than just a UK call centre…

Transforming your Customer Service

We help brands transform their approach and provide consultancy options to help fully understand your needs. Our expertise is in providing a 24/7 operation in multiple languages for global customers, without them knowing they are dealing with a third party contact centre in the UK. We train our staff to match your brand exactly, with thorough in-house development programs that provide seamless integration for you. Contact center outsourcing has never been easier and more efficient than when partnering with Ventrica.

How our call center approach differs

Our approach leans on intelligent customer insights to ensure your brand has a competitive edge. By us learning everything about your customers, we can provide the ultimate contact centre as a service solution. For many, we will be the first point of contact, so it is crucial we work alongside your brand to deliver a memorable customer experience.

We have been recognised for our hard work in creating modern call center techniques that differ from the rest. Our awards for Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year and Best Outsourcing Partnership (Large) in 2020 were confirmation that brands who work with us get results. This is all whilst providing a fantastic working environment and modern facilities.

The world is a smaller place today thanks to advancements in technology. Our multilingual services reflect the multicultural society we live in, ensuring no matter the language, our team have the skills to ensure the experience doesn’t falter.

We know that having your own contact center can put a huge strain on resources and may sometimes require businesses to look overseas. Ventrica are UK based in Southend as well as globally in Jamaica, the perfect locations and facilities to provide our global service.

It’s not just down to the dedication of our in-house staff, but also our growing network of homeworking individuals. Our flexible approach means we can ensure your business provides continuous support to its customers, always ensuring full staff availability during peak times whether at home or in our facilities.

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Award-winning approach

BPO Services & Solutions

Business process outsourcing (BPO) helps brands provide a seamless service through BPO companies that can match your level of customer service and expertise. When a customer contacts you via their preferred method, they will never know the difference and will experience an enhanced service that reduces wait times, improves responsiveness, and other common customer pain points.

A BPO outsourcing approach collaborates with your existing teams, and at Ventrica we ensure our staff are as knowledgeable about your products and services as you are. No matter the query, our customer service outsourcing team is prepared to respond without delay via conversational commerce and traditional means, providing the details and answers your customers seek.

Ventrica can help integrate BPO outsourcing with minimal disruption to your brand’s current processes. If providing a world-class service is important to you and your customers, our BPO services are the solution you need.

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Seamless Contact Center Outsourcing

At Ventrica we have excelled where other call centers may have struggled, and that’s all down to our dedicated team and vision for crafting better experiences. As well as our inbound and outbound resources, we can provide CX consulting and software development, so if you want to explore omnichannel solutions or conversational commerce, we can help you do so.

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Seamless Contact Center Outsourcing