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How to Improve Customer Experience

Wed, November 17, 2021

Defining exactly how you will improve customer experience in your strategy is vital. What are the challenges that need to be surpassed and what do you need to implement to enhance customer experience?

Customers are expecting not just a good service, but a great service that they’ll be happy to tell others about and spend more on. Learning what turns customers into brand advocates and developing a plan to add value to customer experience will help to improve it.
At Ventrica, we are all about dedicated customer services, helping brands craft a unique experience for all their customers, ensuring they have the care and attention they need.

49% of buyers have made impulse purchases after receiving a more personalised experience1

At Ventrica, we are all about dedicated customer services, helping brands craft a unique experience for all their customers, ensuring they have the care and attention they need.

How to Enhance Customer Experience

Developing techniques to help your customers will go a long way in cementing a great impression with them. We do this through services that go above and beyond, such as having multilingual teams that can communicate with your customers from all over the world, so that language is no barrier to success when building customer experience.

We also do this by having a central hub, reducing the need for costly office space in multiple countries, having our multilingual agents all in one place (along with our well-established homeworking facilities). If you have identified a pain point for your customers as not being able to communicate effectively, a multilingual team approach can help resolve this issue.

Similarly when it comes to communication, not all customers want to pick up the phone to speak to an advisor, so this is where conversational commerce comes into its own. This will maximize customer experiences by providing messaging services that are quick and simple to use, on a platform they are already used to.

74% of senior executives believe that customer experience impacts the willingness of a customer to be a loyal advocate2.

Provide a Premium Customer Experience

The focus should be to add value to customer experience by offering a premium service. You can only do this by building great relationships with your customers and this starts with collating feedback. Listening to your target market is the best way to provide premium customer experiences; ones that they will be feeling positive about, will recommend to others and will want to experience again.

  • Is your service efficient enough?
  • Do customers get a swift response to a query?
  • Are staff knowledgeable enough to avoid multiple handovers?

These are all example questions that can be answered through customer feedback, as customers are likely to advise you when things aren’t going so well.

53% of customers have to repeat their reason for calling to multiple advisors3.

And you don’t need to be a customer experience expert to know that isn’t premium customer experience.

You may discover from feedback that your customers have a similar experience, being passed from advisor to advisor. This is why having feedback avenues for customers to take can quickly help your company make positive changes. Through online surveys, polls, feedback widgets that use emojis for visual feedback, to having in-person experts that customers can call or contact through conversational commerce.

Customers will avoid calls to a business due to long wait times, faster alternative methods of communication, and if they think they will be rerouted4.

Make it easy for your customers to get in touch; discover the positives and negatives; implement changes to improve customer experience.

Maximize Customer Experience Efforts with Ventrica

Customers who rate a business with a high customer experience score will spend 140% more, as well as remaining loyal to the brand for up to 6 years5.

Our approach has always been customer-centric, and we know the value of having a team ready-made to help elevate customer journeys. We’ll help you listen to your customers more closely, with empathy, and provide both the experience they want and expect so that your competitors are always a step behind. Improve customer experiences by partnering with us.

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