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Map Your Customer Experience Journey

Wed, November 17, 2021

Part of having a clear plan for how your customers experience your brand is mapping their entire journey from start to finish. This clearly defines each part of the journey with the aim to offer an optimum experience for your target market.

A customer experience map is the perfect opportunity to have your approach clearly laid out and ensure nothing is missing, visually representing complex interactions they will have.
At Ventrica, we partner with our clients to ensure this is achieved, leaning on expert customer insights that provide a competitive edge.

85% of professionals who have used customer journey maps found that they result in increased customer satisfaction, lower churn, fewer complaints, and higher NPS1.

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Understand the Customer Journey

Whilst focusing on your products and services, brands can’t afford to lose sight of their customers. You could spend too much time crafting what you can offer to your target market without actually understanding the journey required. If it’s too complicated and not user-centric, customers will move straight to your competitors.

  • Consider touchpoints; from social posts to customer service interactions – each matter
  • For branches, is the in-store experience matching the online presence?
  • Is your website experience meeting expectations and customer-centric?

When asking for feedback, ask questions around each aspect that is important in the customer experience journey. This is the only way to gather opinions directly on the features of the journey you want to improve. For example, the mobile experience compared to desktop - neglecting your mobile platform is a well-known customer pain point.

90% of customers report having a poor experience when seeking customer support on mobile devices2.

This can be as simple as slow load times, difficult to navigate pages and an unresponsive search function. These can be easily overlooked, but the consequences of doing so for business is dire. Even if you currently receive little in negative feedback, this may be hiding the real story.

1 in 26 unhappy customers complain, the rest say nothing and take business elsewhere3.

By not actively seeking out the issues within your customer experience journey, brand loyalty and advocates will be lost.

The Benefits of a Customer Experience Map

If you can define and map out the journey, your customer will benefit from a seamless process and so will business revenues.

  • 3x greater return – leaders in customer experience outperform in terms of stock performance4.
  • Over 1.5x higher YoY growth than other companies in customer retention, repeat purchase rates, and customer lifetime value5.
  • A closer relationship with your customers – increased NPS
  • Reduced friction points – improved experiences
  • A better-prepared team who are well trained

The biggest benefit of a customer experience map is ensuring all teams throughout the business work together, becoming aware of how other parts of the company work and interact with customers. Rather than various different journeys, all touchpoints are part of one end-to-end experience.

76% of executives say improving CX is a high or critical priority6.

What to Include in your Customer Experience Map

It’s important to tailor any customer experience map to your customers as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are many key things to include.

  • Customer personas – who are your customers exactly?
  • Clearly defined legend so any member of staff can make sense of it
  • Phases – the customer journey has to be broken down to easily visualise it
  • Pain points within the journey should be clearly highlighted
  • Touchpoints – further determining how your customers interact with your business and where the journey is failing.
  • Positives – important to highlight aspects of the journey that work well
  • Customer goals – what is the customer trying to achieve when taking the journey?

Define the customer journey, define your future success.

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