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Measuring Customer Experience

Wed, November 17, 2021

Once you start to implement your CX strategy, your business will be able to start monitoring performance and feedback immediately. After all, the quicker you discover what your customers want and how to provide them with this, the sooner you can start seeing how effective your improvements are.

Measuring customer experience is a vital part of the journey towards digital transformation, which at Ventrica we help achieve for our clients consistently.

Ranging from the tools being implemented to provide expert customer experience benchmarking to partnering with clients to understand omnichannel customer data, we help create better experiences for our clients.

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How Do We Measure Customer Experience?

42% of customers describe a seamless experience across all devices and channels as a “top expectation”.

There are some simple ways to make measuring customer experience an effortless process for your business. Not only are they easy to integrate, but they also make understanding the data straightforward, helping you improve customer experience without delay.

There are three steps to take when wanting to measure CX:
Doing so will provide the simplest journey towards fully understanding your target market. Listening to your customers will help you continue what they love about your brand, and work on improving what they dislike.

  • Determine your ideal customers who you want to measure through customer personas
  • Identify the key parts of their customer journey for analysis
  • Collect information through various tools (e.g. customer feedback surveys)

48% of customers leave a website without purchasing because they felt it was poorly curated for them1.

How to Evaluate Customer Experience

Knowing how to measure customer experience is one thing, evaluating but analysing the data is the crucial next step.

You could collate huge amounts of data and still have no idea where to begin – focusing on the right aspects is a skill. Our approach at Ventrica is to help our clients utilise CX software we develop, customer experience survey tools and more to make data evaluation simple.

Your business will be able to analyse common areas where the overall customer experience may suffer:
Finding these key areas within the data from customer feedback will make a huge difference when measuring customer experience.

  • New customer visits to your website
  • Lost deals/enquiries
  • Customer onboarding process
  • The POS process and aftersales
  • Product returns

11% of decision-makers see seamless, omnichannel experiences as the most important factor when delivering quality experiences2.

Use Analytics to Execute a Successful Strategy

The analytics used to understand the data can be achieved through many approaches, for example, metrics such as:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) – discover if your customers will be brand advocates
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) – determine if your customers are satisfied with their experience for a specific process
  • Customer Effort Score (CES) – helps evaluate how easy a customer can achieve their goals

Using these metrics along with web analytics will also open the door to specific measurements for your website, showing how your business can make customer journeys seamless. Doing so can reduce the need for a customer to speak to an advisor or interact with a chatbot or enquiry form.

The number of brands who improved their CX in 2020 increased by 13% on 2019, with this expected to grow further throughout 20213.

Looking at the bigger picture will identify where the biggest issues are in the customer experience and help your company make positive changes to address every pain point.

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