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We’re advising both new and existing clients to come on a journey of digital transformation with us that will elevate the end customer experience, improve efficiencies and drive down headcount.

Moving conversations to asynchronous messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat and Google RCS (Rich Content Services) allows your customers to communicate with you in channels they use in their everyday lives - and when it’s convenient for them. No more having to finish a call or a web chat, but giving your customers the ability to stop and restart conversations at their convenience, creating a far better and enriched experience.

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“We can help you automate up to 70% of messaging conversations on your website, What’sApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger and more.”

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It’s not just messaging though

We can augment messaging and other channels with AI and chatbots to manage more simplistic information. For example why not use a concierge bot to capture initial customer information before passing them to an advisor, reducing your average handle time and in turn headcount. Other benefits include:

Use AI to examine conversations, identify consumer trends and intents in real-time, and allows us to provide you with actionable insights that can help you make better and more informed business decisions.

This can measure conversation health applying a positive, neutral or negative score for each message or conversation based on phrasing, frequency and punctuation.

Customers hate IVR! Automatically recognise when a customer is in your IVR queue and ping them an sms offering to move them to messaging, improving service and creating a better and less stressful experience.

By pushing out rich and meaningful content mid-digital conversation when a customer is in purchase mode can improve sales. These could take the form of videos, GIFs, QR codes and picture carousels.

CSAT rating increases by 17 points versus voice

Helps to optimise agent and bot performance providing invaluable customer and business insights pertaining to sales, customer trends and product use cases.

Catapult the quality of your customer service into the 21st century by having richer and more personalised conversations with your customers, in channels they are using every day.

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