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Transform your business with CX consultants

Our team of CX consultants can help transform your business around the needs and expectations of your customers and employees to deliver:

  • Significant improvements to customer experience
  • Increases in customer satisfaction
  • Optimised cost efficiencies
  • Increased sales revenues
  • Increased employee satisfaction

…and more!

With over 10 years of experience working with the world’s leading brands, our team can confidently help you achieve your CX transformation goals.

What's involved

Our CX consultancy services enable you to:

  • Review/define your CX goals and objectives
  • Assess how your current operations are performing
  • Get under the skin of your existing and target customers
  • Identify opportunities for improvement – including recommendations on process vs technological changes
  • Roadmap and estimate future CX improvements

Common activities include:

  • CX stakeholder alignment and goal setting
  • Customer research
  • Customer persona building and journey mapping
  • CX technology infrastructure review
  • Scoping technical and non-technical improvements, including a costed roadmap of improvements

Our approach to CX

We work in transparent, collaborative partnerships with our clients to deliver effective technology solutions designed to elevate the end customer experience.

Our team are experienced in agile, waterfall and appropriate project delivery methodologies, enabling us to take the best approach to deliver maximum value. Our approach broadly follows these simple steps:

  • Scope your requirements
  • Set key objectives
  • Define customer needs and journeys
  • Understand legacy technology dependencies
  • Form a solution delivery plan

  • Configure suitable off-the-shelf solutions
  • Integrate third-party systems & APIs
  • Build real-time reporting tools
  • Develop custom solutions where needed
  • Continuously deliver incremental improvements

  • Bespoke training sessions
  • Best practice guidance and usage guide
  • Updated training plan as improvements rolled out
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Journey Mapping

What happens next

Being an end-to-end CX transformation provider, we have a dedicated team of in-house developers who can implement the recommendations that our consultants make.

We’re also official partners to many best-of-breed CX technology providers, such as LivePerson and Zendesk, so we’ll always recommend the best tools for achieving your CX goals.

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