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Top 4 Ways Outsourcing Can Solve Your Recruitment Problems

Mon, February 20, 2023

4 ways Outsourcing Can Solve Your Recruitment Problems

Hiring new staff can be an exciting time for any business, bringing in new talent and levelling up your team’s skillset with a fresh outlook. However, whilst in theory recruitment should be straightforward, in reality, it can be a lengthy process that may not discover the right candidate that you were looking for.

If recruitment has been a pain point for your business, you’re not alone, with companies globally struggling to bring in the right people with the experience and skills they need. According to a McKinsey Global Survey, almost 9 in 10 executives and managers say their organisations currently experience a skills gap or expect gaps to develop in the next 5 years. So, what can businesses do to solve their recruitment problems? The answer may be found with outsourcing, so here are 4 ways it can be hugely beneficial for businesses.

Outsource Staffing Solutions

With both a skills shortage and ongoing difficulty post-pandemic hiring virtually, companies searching for solutions to help ease their recruitment struggles need help fast. One of the ways to do so is to explore the support available that outsourcing brings. Not only will it solve your hiring woes, outsourcing can make vast improvements in the way you deliver your service and maintain CX.

1 – Get Support from Experienced Staff

All companies can benefit from the experience new hires bring, so being able to rely on the support of a ready-made team that has a wealth of experience in your industry is priceless. Outsource staffing solutions provide exactly that and ensure that the turnaround is quick, and the transition is seamless with your current teams. As a provider of BPO services, we know exactly how advantageous this is for businesses, meaning you’ll always find the right staff with the necessary skillset.

In a contact center environment, this means smoothly transitioning your calls to advisors who have many years’ experience in call handling and customer service, and who can adapt to your business requirements fast. You could spend longer trying to find the ideal candidate for the job you need to fill, or you could lean on the expertise outsourcing brings.

2 – Reduce spending on recruitment resources

Bringing in outsourced support can be of benefit to businesses looking to ease the costs of doing so. With the average cost of replacing a contact centre advisor 20% of their annual salary, this can be a huge cost for companies looking to fill multiple roles. Outsourcing can help keep these costs down, as well as resources needed for onboarding and training new hires. What this means is this frees up resources that can be used in other areas of your business that need the investment. When comparing hiring vs outsourcing, this is one of the biggest benefits when finding the right outsourcing provider.

One of the concerns companies may have about outsourcing is that it could mean trading lower costs for lower-quality staff. However, this is why it’s important to research outsource staffing solutions and partner with organisations that will ensure quality, matching your brand values and voice. This is especially important with call center outsourcing solutions, ensuring you find advisors that can match your brand and adapt quickly, without having to spend time and extra resources on training and development. The best BPO services can provide this and reduce costs overall.

3 – No negative impact on CX

The last thing you need is for your customers to start feeling the impact of your recruitment problems. Having a lack of staff to deliver your high standards can be a strain on your current employees as well as be detrimental to the customer experience. The delicate ecosystem of EX and CX can suffer when you have ongoing job openings you just cannot fill. Outsourcing is there to ensure this doesn’t happen, meaning you can concentrate on delivering the best service possible whilst also having experienced, engaged staff.

Our team of Ventricans jump straight into adapting for your business, learning everything about your products and services and being able to deliver optimal CX. Not only does this mean expert help with call handling during peak demand, for example, a busy holiday season, but it can open the door to other opportunities to improve CX. From delivering a strategised omnichannel approach, to improving NPS and review scores, and even providing multilingual support for your global customers.

4 – Save time to focus on your business

Ultimately, outsourcing saves valuable time for your business as a whole. The time and effort put into recruitment can not only be costly, but will also take the focus away from other areas of your business that can do with the investment. With recruitment one less thing to worry about when outsourcing, this provides more freedom to look at other areas that need focus. According to Deloitte, 65% of organisations say outsourcing enables them to focus on core functions, whilst 63% say it enables them to cut costs. This can be especially important for companies that may not have the might of large global corporations or a dedicated recruitment team, meaning extra responsibility on current managers.

If business development is a priority, outsourcing in effect is helping your company to expand and meet its goals without taking resources away from departments that need them or impacting productivity.

Recruitment vs Outsourcing – Weighing up your Options

There is plenty to consider when you are struggling to recruit the right people. Outsourcing areas of your business to address this can be an ideal solution for many businesses. We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside global brands in similar positions who required assistance with meeting growing customer demand. Many also faced challenges with recruitment that are now in the past, and instead can focus on what really matters for their business.

If you’re currently in a position where outsourcing could help your situation and you are weighing up the benefits of hiring vs outsourcing, we’d be happy to talk about your current challenges. At Ventrica, we are a multi-award-winning BPO provider that helps global brands deliver the best customer service possible. We can not only meet your needs as customer experience specialists, but exceed them, providing a CX your customers deserve.

Contact us today to discover more about our solutions, and keep an eye on our blog for further helpful insights.

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