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Our Approach to Omnichannel Customer Experience (CX) Gets Results for Retailers

Fri, August 05, 2022

When brands contact us to assist with their CX and customer service goals, we know that by fully understanding their needs, we can make the right recommendations and get results. In retail, the customer experience is crucial and as we provide content centre outsourcing, we understand the need for an efficient, targeted approach that is customer-centric at all times.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside and assist leading global brands in Retail, all with challenges they require solutions for. Below you will discover the common themes of why retail brands seek our expertise and why BPO outsourcing in general is a much sought-after solution.

The customer experience should be at the core of every retail brand, but with 86% of customers leaving a brand they trusted after just two poor customer experiences 1, being consistent with your service to maintain brand loyalty is a universal challenge in retail.

Common Challenges

As we work with many different types of business across multiple sectors, many of the challenges facing retail are similar to other areas. With the brands we’ve assisted, here are some of the main challenges and pain points they faced and needed our expertise with:

  • Having a multi-skilled team that enhances CX and minimises touch points
  • Providing an omnichannel approach to support expansion into global markets
  • Add industry expertise into current customer service operations
  • Manage overflow and provide 24/7 sales enquiries, including support during extreme peaks at key holiday dates i.e. Christmas etc.
  • Have more expert advisors without having to increase resources on recruitment
  • Streamlining internal processes to alleviate strain on productivity
  • Support with migrating focus from bricks-and-mortar stores to online
  • Maximise e-commerce sales revenue whilst still providing an efficient service
  • Provide multilingual support to their global customer market
  • Improve NPS scores and review site feedback that had been impacted by poor CX
  • Transform their digital approach and modernise CX

There are many different needs and requirements retail brands reached out and contacted us about, with the common theme being the overall customer journey and improving this. Increasingly, many retail brands will seek BPO outsourcing to be able to meet the growing demand of their customers to ensure they do not fall behind their competitors.

Why Outsource?

As the retail sector is highly competitive and has been experiencing a changing landscape for many years, as well as the lasting impact of the pandemic, brands have had to adapt quickly. Those that were already providing a multi-channel experience and defined CX online were able to adapt quicker than others. Customers want a near-instant service in the channel of their choosing, meaning long wait times in call queues or within retail stores is no longer acceptable to many. Outsourcing their services and internal processes enables retail brands to level up their approach and focus on providing their customers with the experience they demand.

74% of customers want companies to customise their experience based on their knowledge about the customer 2

This helps to create happier, more satisfied customers that are more likely to become advocates for your brand. The more retailers can understand their customers and their needs/expectations, the better the experience they can provide. By outsourcing, the brands we have assisted and been able to provide outstanding customer service support, faster response times and overall, more defined CX.

Results we’ve helped them achieve

Our approach is to provide a service that matches your brand, providing seamless integration that delivers on the brief. Our case studies in the retail industry yield results that we are proud to say often exceeded expectations and addressed the many unique challenges modern retail faces.

  • We helped a leading high-end fashion brand increase their Trustpilot score from 2.3 to consistently above 4.0, whilst generating more sales during month one than the previous 12 months.
  • Helped contribute a 300% increase in overall unit sales for a global footwear brand
  • Reduced call duration by 35% to increase efficiency during a peak season for a world-renowned gift retailer.
  • Generated in excess of £100k pa of sales revenue for a fast-growing beauty brand
  • Contributed over 20% of overall sales figures with out of hours support for a global consumer product company
  • Helped a leading UK florists reduce their average answer time to under 3 seconds

We have many more success stories like the above where retail brands have been able to benefit from outsourcing their efforts to us. To achieve these results, we looked at maximising opportunities in their current approach, looking to see how we could assist with contact centre support as well as CX software development and integration.

  • We introduced a multichannel approach to help a leading fashion brand digitally revolutionise its customer communication, providing their customers with service across messaging apps such as WhatsApp, as well as over the phone, via email and through chat functions. This helped to stem the flow of voice traffic into the chat functions. We also helped them bring in multilingual advisors to support this process further and assist non-English speaker customers.
  • For the leading beauty brand, we helped align the expertise of our contact centre agents with their internal team and focused on matching the brand culture and values. Introducing multi-channel support enabled them to provide a 24/7 service that extended beyond their previous 9-6 pm offering and extend their agents from 5 to 25 fast. We helped integrate software improvements with their existing systems to enhance functionality and optimise sales conversions via social channels.
  • By helping to automate customer enquiries by close to 100%, we assisted a multinational confectionery brand in issue resolution and improving their CX, achieved by implementing bespoke productivity and CRM functionalities. This made the peak holiday times much easier and more efficient to manage and prevent escalation thanks to faster response times and improved productivity.

We share in the success of the retail brands we assist, becoming part of their operations with a shared goal of providing improved customer experiences. Above is just a snapshot of the results and methods behind some of our successful collaborations, and you can find more details within our ever-growing case studies that we are happy to share.

Discover How We Can Help Your Brand Excel Today

If you are a retail brand and have experienced any of the above challenges we’ve mentioned here, please reach out and contact us today. We look forward to discussing how we can provide exceptional support and enhanced customer experiences for your customers and bring the results and improvements you need to stay competitive.