Your brand, your goals, our experience

Developing the right approach for the needs of a luxury brand can only be achieved when partnering with them. This is part of our core approach to enhancing the customer experience for brands, fully understanding their needs, goals and how we can positively improve them the Ventrica way.

We work alongside global brands that are leaders in their market, helping to position them firmly in the minds of their loyal customers. By doing so, they create brand advocates that will talk about their experiences with glowing feedback.

Our aim is to help deliver a luxury customer service experience when representing your brand through dedicated customer services and omnichannel solutions. We are trusted by prestigious brands to deliver a service their customers will connect with, using their platform of choice. Whether speaking to an advisor or communicating through LiveChat facilities, we have the solutions ready to implement to deliver an award-winning approach.

Your brand, your goals, our experience

With over 15 years of experience working with the world’s leading brands, our customer experience management consulting services can help you achieve your CX and digital transformation goals.

How we deliver a luxury brand customer experience

You have your goals to meet and a clear vision of where you want your brand to be. At Ventrica, we’re here to understand this completely and provide you with the roadmap to achieve it. We offer consultancy to luxury brands who want to take that next step and provide the experience they’ve always wanted. Having your own facilities and staff to handle customer service elements can use a lot of resources that may be better used elsewhere. We help reduce that need for in-house coverage by not just offering outsourced customer service, but also expert software development and journey mapping.

Your customers won’t be able to tell a third party is involved, such is the level of dedication our people have to match your brand voice and strict guidelines. We maintain a high level of communication with brands we partner with to ensure quality control and expectations are met and exceeded.

We listen, train, and ensure a luxury brands’ reputation is sustained through our intelligent, innovative solutions. If you want efficient and cost-effective results, we have many luxury customer service experience examples from our years of industry knowledge.

We can do the same for your brand too – let’s talk

Create a luxury customer service experience

We are proud to have the trust of global brands, reaffirming we are best placed to deliver the experience your customers want. It’s how we have positioned ourselves as an award-winning contact centre, providing more than just an outsourced solution you’ll get with other call centres.

  • We can provide both inbound and outbound call services
  • Full customer insights leaning on intelligent data
  • Multilingual approach providing global coverage
  • Both a Zendesk and LivePerson partner
  • CX consulting so your luxury brand can transform their efforts

We have plenty to talk to you about, so get in touch with the customer experience experts at Ventrica today.

Get in touch with the customer experience experts at Ventrica today
Create a luxury customer service experience