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Sharon Williams, Recruitment Manager #MeetOurVentricans

Thu, June 13, 2019

At Ventrica, it’s important that our recruitment strategy enables us to find customer experience specialists that perfectly match the personalities and values of the organisations they represent.

We spoke to our Recruitment Manager, Sharon, about how we do it and what her role involves.
I work as part of the wider HR team to oversee all of Ventrica’s recruitment activities, driving and managing our company-wide recruitment strategy and tailoring it to each new organisation we work with.

Can you tell us about your role as Ventrica’s Recruitment Manager?

I also align closely with our marketing team to analyse which adverts or activities were most successful, as well as working with other areas of the organisation to manage some of the huge peaks of demand we face.
When it comes to recruitment, each industry is very different, but I find contact centres especially unique.

How is recruitment different in a contact centre environment?

The rise of omnichannel and the need for organisations to constantly be available for their customers, 24/7, means there is a huge need to find staff that can be flexible and that possess a wide skill set.

Contact centres are no longer limited to incoming phone calls; there is now live chat, social media and email to contend with too.

This means we have to make sure that all new hires are able to work cohesively across all of these channels to effectively meet demand.
We ensure that our staff truly embody the brand they represent; which we feel is quite unique.

What approach does Ventrica take to recruitment?

This journey starts with our recruitment process. Once we have a new client on board, we take time to really get to know them, their business, their customers and their needs so that we can find a team with a skill set to match.

Everything from the job specification to the selection process and testing platforms will be specific to the brand and their characteristics.
It was clear from the moment I arrived at Ventrica six months ago that it’s a very diverse and dynamic environment; it’s a cliche, but no day is ever the same.

What enticed you to become a Ventrican?

It’s very hands-on, and there are lots of challenges to meet and we have to be very responsive.

There is an amazing team spirit at Ventrica, everyone works very closely together and is always willing to help out. Its been a great journey so far!

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