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How we train brand advocates for CX success

Mon, May 13, 2019

At Ventrica, we see training a little differently to other organisations. Our Training Manager, Emma Pointing, explains why her mission is to create brand advocates for all of our clients.

As Ventrica’s Training Manager, my role involves training the majority of the customer service teams within the organisation. It’s a busy role with lots of challenges, but it’s extremely rewarding!
We work in close collaboration with our clients and their customer experience stakeholders throughout the entire training process.

Collaborating around customer needs

It’s not a one-way street: we make sure that we have a constant feedback loop and open communication channels between our client and our Ventricans so that we can continuously improve our training approach.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure we create the best customer experience possible on behalf of every organisation we work with by focusing in great detail on the needs and behaviours of our clients customers.

Usually, whenever an organisation talks about training, it starts with technology or processes but at Ventrica we prefer to encompass far more in order to ensure we’re delivering the best service possible.

When we start working with a new client, we take the time to understand the needs of their customers, their business’s strategic goals and their vision. We also like to fully absorb their culture, brand, and tone of voice.

This then helps us form the basis of our training, so that we can ensure our customer experience specialists fully represent the client, so that our teams become a seamless extension to their business.

In reality, products and technology are only a part of our service. What we focus on is getting the building blocks right from the very beginning so that we can build a strong, positive and trusting partnership with all of our clients that delivers optimal value for money.
The massive number of active social media users and evolving platform functionality means that organisations are expected to be more accessible to their customers than ever before.

Social media is commonplace, making organisations more accessible

Businesses have had to develop a much stronger personality, tone of voice, and customer service strategy to make themselves visible on the variety of social platforms their customers are using and to meet the expectations of customer-centric brands.

Our role is to work with our clients to build a strategy that makes social media work for their organisation, weighing up opportunity versus risk and establishing an agile best practice that adapts to changing social media user behaviour.

It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and our priority will always be to protect the brand reputation first and foremost.
Our training doesn’t just begin with the onboarding process and stop there. Our way of working never stands still: we are always looking to improve how we work and how we can further develop customer experience strategies alongside our customers.

Adapting and iterating training to changing consumer behaviours

As new technology comes into play, consumer behaviours change and new trends become a focus, organisations will always need to evolve how they meet their customers expectations, so we make sure that we are alongside them at every step of their journey.

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