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CCMA’s CareerTalk with Ventrica CEO, Iain Banks

Fri, August 19, 2022

Our CEO, Iain Banks, was a guest on the CCMA’s CareerTalk programme on LinkedIn Live, where he was interviewed by Leigh Hopwood.

In wide-ranging conversation, Iain and Leigh talked about how the contact centre industry can be a brilliant choice for a career, with so many new opportunities. As a huge growth sector which is becoming more technical and professional by the day, contact centres are hiring and training everyone from data scientists to marketing analysts.

Recalling his early career as an advisor for TSB’s phone banking division, and the footballing injury that led him there in the first place, Iain talks about the managers that helped him grow in the industry over the years.

In just 5 months Iain has started to put his own mark on Ventrica’s culture. Delivering in “moments of truth” for Ventrica’s employees, as well as its clients and customers, is Iain’s top priority.

As Iain has done throughout his career, that means never settling for second best, never compromising on our quality or our vision. And never short-changing our employees or our clients, or the tens of thousands of customers we speak to on their behalf every day.

That never-say-die spirit also shines through when Iain talks about his many charity walks – Kilimanjaro later this year! – for Macmillan Cancer, and Ventrica’s charity work such as the green initiatives it is promoting with charities like Treedom.

Iain wants Ventrica to be more than a partner to its clients, and more than a great place for its employees to work. It should be a company that inspires people to give their best, and in return supports them all the way to achieve their own life and career goals.

To find out more about the many career opportunities opening up in the contact centre industry view our current positions, or just get in touch and see what we’re about.