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Yorkshire Cash makes significant savings in outsourcing 24/7 customer care & outbound debt management


Yorkshire Cash makes significant savings in outsourcing 24/7 customer care & outbound debt management

Yorkshire Cash makes significant savings in outsourcing 24/7 customer care & outbound debt management based in Thirsk near York with additional offices in Harrow, is a premier provider of short term cash solutions nation-wide. The company focuses on 'payday lending' (helping individuals with cash-flow problems running up to payday) providing a fast, reliable and easy-to-understand solution to short term cash requirements. Yorkshire Cash's key philosophy is to give its customers a break when they need it most, in a responsible, safe and easy-to-understand way.

Challenge – Needed flexible and cost-effective customer service that could scale up and down

Customer Services Manager at Yorkshire Cash, Daniel Domaszk explains, "When the business first started we simply didn't know what level of demand we could expect and the level of inbound telephone enquiries we were likely to receive. The majority of business is done via the web, with customers filling out an on-line application form. However we still needed a resource that could help new and existing customers with enquiries, either relating to applications or re-paying a debt."

"Because we were unsure on what volumes of calls we needed to manage, it made no sense to take the risk of making a large investment in an in-house support team."

The Solution – A reliable, around the clock, outsourced customer helpline

"We decided that outsourcing could provide the answer we were looking for. After reviewing a number of suppliers, including an overseas contact centre, we felt that Ventrica provided the best fit for us. They had a wealth of customer service experience and enough resources to meet our needs, regardless of volume." says Daniel.

Yorkshire Cash runs a series of radio advertising campaigns and often experiences peaks and troughs in terms of the number of phone calls received. Daniel comments, "Not only do we experience high volumes of calls after people hear our ads, there are also other periods, such as towards the end of the month which can be extremely busy. This is the beauty of using an outsourcer like Ventrica, as they offer us the facility to manage all calls, regardless of how many."

Ventrica provides a 24/7 service for Yorkshire Cash providing assistance with a broad range of queries. "Due to the nature of our business, it is not unusual to receive calls at 1 or 2 in the morning, so to have around the clock service is invaluable" says Daniel.

"We provided Ventrica with FAQs that are continually updated, so they can help with any customer questions and assist them in filling out on-line applications. All information is entered into our in-house, bespoke CRM system which Ventrica has full access to. The join between Ventrica and ourselves is completely seamless because the technology can be updated in real-time. We see them as simply an extension of our internal team."

Ventrica also contacts existing customers regarding outstanding debts, so that any issues can be highlighted and relevant help and guidance provided.

PCI Compliance

"The other benefit of using an established contact centre such as Ventrica is that they have invested in all the latest technology to support compliance. Under the PCI compliance rules we need to protect sensitive customer data such as credit card numbers and Ventrica's in-house technology allows us to do this automatically." explains Daniel.

Results "Ventrica adds tremendous value to our business"

"By offering our customers comprehensive service 7 days a week, Ventrica adds tremendous value to our business. We can also save substantially because we don't have to invest in the additional office space, IT equipment and recruitment that you'd need to support this level of service."


"The relationship with Ventrica works perfectly, they are very responsive to all our needs and allow us to expand or contract dependent on volumes. Our ambition for the future is to build the business across the UK as well as overseas. We see Ventrica as playing a pivotal role in this development."

Customer Services Manager at Yorkshire Cash, Daniel Domaszk

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