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'HR Director Q&A' Interview with Ventrica's Danielle Lee


'HR Director Q&A' Interview with Ventrica's Danielle Lee

Name: Danielle Lee
Job Title: Head of HR
Company: Outsourced contact centre Ventrica

The best advice I've ever received was…
Trust your instincts, if it feels wrong it probably is.

I firmly believe that HR is all about balance, compliance is important but being fair is what really matters.

The worst job I've ever done was…
I don’t think I have had a worst job, only some that I have liked less than others. I wouldn’t do a job that made me miserable, it isn’t healthy or productive and there is always something else you can do if you look hard enough.

I love working in HR because…
You get the opportunity to make a real difference that can range from general organisation to branding and culture. It’s so varied and people can be fascinating. It’s always the people you don’t expect that have the most interesting stories to tell. There are aspects of HR that can be challenging, telling someone that they no longer have a job is always difficult. Empathy is the most useful tool in an HR practitioner’s kit.

If I weren't an HRD I'd be…
Running my own campsite in Cornwall near the sea.

When I'm not at work, I spend my time…
Keeping up with the demands of a child under two! But when I do get the time I love working on and driving my vintage VW camper van.

If I were stuck on a desert island, the three things I’d take with me would be…
The campervan obviously, I’ve never been much good at building shelters... A kindle, loaded with books, I love to read all sorts of different things I’m particularly into anything related to North Korea at the moment. I find it intriguing and sinister coming from a democratic society that a whole country could be so influenced and controlled by so few.  Peanut butter, I can’t live without it.

If I could invite anyone to a dinner party, I would invite…
Mary Portas , she is a great role model, her ability to visualise the way to take a failing, muddled business and turn it into a relevant, exciting and thriving brand is inspiring.

She manages change with simple clear plans and employee participation, all helped by her determination, empathy, humour and wit. For the most part the people who go on her change journey become completely bought in to her concept and happier with the brand they work for.

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