VENTRICA COVID-19 StatementA message for our customers

We know and understand how difficult and challenging these times are for everybody in what is probably one of the most uncertain and extraordinary periods in living memory.

Our priority throughout this continues to be our staff wellbeing and delivering ongoing and uninterrupted services to our clients.

Ventrica commenced preparation for this situation in early March, and by the 23rd of the month had 95% of our workforce deployed from home. Here now in April we have over 800 staff continuing to work without interruption in the safety of their homes. Our centres remain closed until further notice.

Alongside continuing to service our existing clients we are also handling consumer enquiries and doing back-office administration and document checking for a number of well-known, national, Covid-19 initiatives, and we are fulfilling this work with a significant volume of staff. We have capacity still for a further 250 people should other organisations require contact centre support.

Our work at home solution allows us to handle omni-channel customer contact, exactly as we would do from within our contact centres, without putting our staff in a position of risk.

Training for new projects is undertaken in a video classroom environment, and quality, reporting, and customer insight remains unaffected.

Stay safe and well and we are here to support you should you need us.

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Our CEO Dino Forte speaks to Martin Teasdale on his five-star podcast Get Out of Wrap


Our CEO Dino Forte speaks to Martin Teasdale on his five-star podcast Get Out of Wrap

Our CEO Dino Forte speaks to Martin Teasdale, on his five-star podcast 'Get Out of Wrap'. Martin is a leading professional in the contact centre industry and also a lead judge at the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards and the National UK Contact Centre Awards.   

Martin's podcast is aimed at all levels & features subject matter experts chatting naturally about all the disciplines we see in the modern contact centre.  Season 2 kicks off with Dino sharing his experiences and thoughts on the industry and how Ventrica has dealt with the Coronavirus crisis, including his own personal experience.

Have a listen and hereunder are the links depending on your preference!




If you'd like to know more about how we can help your business during the pandemic, get in touch with our team today.

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