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Credit Card Processing Specialist increases new sales leads


Credit Card Processing Specialist increases new sales leads

Credit Card Processing Specialist increases new sales leads

Type of organisation: Credit Card Processing Specialist

Seymour Direct headquartered in Rickmansworth, organises a wide range of financial services and products, including credit card processing, credit card/PDQ machines and merchant accounts.

With credit and debit card acceptance now expected by the majority of consumers, card payments are vital to the success of many businesses. Seymour Direct works alongside the high street banks to allow organisations to take advantage of this trend, by setting up and negotiating the best rates for merchant accounts so they can start accepting payments. Once this is set up, Seymour Direct can offer low cost credit card processing machines and terminals. Online transactions are also taken care of through its ecommerce and virtual terminal solutions, ensuring that transaction charges are kept to a minimum.

Challenge – Wanted to increase the volume of new sales leads

"We wanted to find a more efficient way of increasing the volume of new sales leads" says Director at Seymour Direct, Mario Lenza, "although we have our own in-house call centre, we do not have the resources or scale of technology available to an outsourcer, who can potentially reach a lot more prospects."

The Solution – A professional outsourced service with relevant industry experience

"When we were approached by Ventrica to run a lead generation campaign on our behalf the projected numbers seemed appealing. I was also impressed by the fact that a number of staff already had knowledge of our industry which can be very complex. This, together with the overall professionalism of Ventrica's staff and their investment in the latest technology, gave us the confidence to run a pilot project."

A two week campaign was agreed and the necessary training was instigated. Within 5 days the pilot was up and running as agreed. During the first few days, representatives from Seymour Direct came into Ventrica and provided 'buddying' for the team. During this time they were able to listen in to conversations and if necessary offer advice for more difficult queries. The aim of the campaign was to contact retailers with an offer to upgrade their current credit card machines.

Results – On average 20 qualified leads a day generated

Over the 14 days, approximately 4,200 calls were made on the company's behalf resulting on average in 20 leads each day. Nearly 40% of these calls were transferred directly to Seymour's own personnel to process fully. As part of the comprehensive reporting provided by Ventrica, each lead generated was instantly emailed between management team with daily report statistics sent over each day at the close of business.

Summary – 'They did exactly what they said they would do'

Director at Seymour Direct, Mario Lenza says, "The whole experience has been great from start to finish. They did exactly what they said they would do and the overall service has been excellent. We are now happy to explore running more projects in the future."

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