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Ventrica’s star performers recognised

Thu, February 16, 2017

We are delighted to announce two new additions to our 'Ventrica Stars' and 'Wall of Fame' that recognises outstanding contributions from our amazing staff each month. Congratulations to Patrick O'Neill who was announced as Employee of the Month. Patrick is a highly motivated member of the McCarthy and Stone team which is reflected in his calls and general attitude towards the task at hand. His appointment conversion speaks for itself and shows his passion towards the brand. On looking for a call to play at a recent sales conference all I had to do was click into any of Patricks calls and they were ready to send. He builds rapport with our customers with ease and has a knack of pinpointing triggers to help assist in his calls.

The People's Choice Award was won by Dan Ray who has shown true leadership in the last month by taking over escalation calls and helping all new staff. He works hard and always has a smile on his face.