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Ventrica in the Press - Reasons To Outsource

Thu, February 05, 2015

Ventrica in the Press - Reasons To Outsource

James Hearne, Head of Customer Experience at online
estate agent,, commented:

To support our customers we wanted a team of experts within our property centre who could provide support to our
customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We
evaluated a number of options including delivering the
service in-house or using an outsource partner. Outsourcer Ventrica were initially recommended to us and, after a
number of visits to their Southend operation, we were
convinced they would be the right partner. What stood out most for us was the quality of staff and their flexibility.

At the beginning, Ventrica’s team started by responding to
support calls and live web chats from customers who had
questions about navigating our online Ezie platform and
liaising with our network of local property experts. However ,as our business has developed we have recognised the
additional knowledge and value that they can bring to the
table as they now get involved in pretty much every aspect of both our residential sales and lettings.

The end-game for using outsourcing has been to make the customer journey as smooth as possible, so that ultimately
they can buy, sell or rent a property. This has certainly been achieved, plus we can also create additional value from
cross-selling other products, such as mortgages or legal
advice, through our approved partners.

With outsourcing, we can offer the customer the choice of
interacting on any channel they wish, whether it’s via the
phone, web chat, e-mail or social media. Offering choice
can be hugely beneficial both for us and the customer
because, if we can’t offer the right channel at a specific time then they may go elsewhere.

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