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Our September, October and November Ventrica Stars

Tue, January 15, 2019

We are proud to announce the People’s Choice and Employee of the Month winners for September, October and November 2018.

These shining stars have gone above and beyond in their roles, supporting the business and their colleagues.

People’s Choice Awards

Nominated by their colleagues, our worthy winners are well respected and make a huge difference to the business every day.

Voted for by his colleagues, we are pleased to announce that Phil Collins, Team Manager, Bureau, is our September winner.

Phil is friendly, approachable and always willing to support and listen when needed. He lifts the teams spirits and keeps everyone motivated.

Congratulations Phil, well deserved!

Shannon Watson, Customer Service Advisor, New Look is our October Winner.

Shannon is a great trainer; she provides support, good knowledge and is approachable.

She is always willing to help others and makes you feel welcome.

Congratulations Shannon, well done!

Jordan Paddick-Croft, Senior Customer Service Advisor, Chilly’s Bottles is our November Winner.

With the team expanding Jordan has done a fantastic job welcoming and training the newbies. She is always positive, friendly and supportive.

Congratulations Jordan, amazing job!

Employee of the Month
Chosen by the company as our Employee of the Month for October is Sam Smith, Customer Service Advisor.

These winners have been recognised by the company not only for the difference they make to their teams every day, but also for the overall impact on the company by going above and beyond in their roles.

Sam maintains a positive can-do outlook in all circumstances, on a day-to-day basis. Sam also received glowing feedback from Kate Eyre for his role hosting judges on our account and from the clients Exec team on his exemplary service.

Congratulations Sam, brilliant work!

Melissa De Felice, Customer Service Advisor- Deckers, is our November Winner.

Melissa consistently provides excellent Customer Service and it’s the type of service that customers and the client always want to commend her for.

Melissa not only looks after customers but the overall account too. Whenever there is a need, she steps up and gives direction and takes ownership of tasks that are not her role but are very much appreciated.

We are very impressed with her knowledge of her account and that of the business. A true ambassador for Ventrica.

Congratulations Melissa, outstanding work!