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Our January and February Ventrica Stars

Wed, March 27, 2019

We are proud to announce the People’s Choice and Employee of the Month winners for January and February 2019.

These shining stars have gone above and beyond in their roles, supporting the business and their colleagues.
These winners have been recognised by the company not only for the difference they make to their teams every day, but also for the overall impact on the company by going above and beyond in their roles.
Chosen by the company, our Employee of the Month for January is Shauna Parsons, Customer Service Advisor on McCarthy & Stone.

Employee of the Month


“Shauna’s statics speak for themselves with a month on month improvement and finishing January on an impressive 76% appointment conversion shows she really understands the demographic.

She has a really impressive work ethic and is always striving to achieve her best.

She has become a great help to the team recently by taking on extra duties to assist in the day to day running of the team and has grown in confidence when escalating new processes to the advisors. The team will now approach her for assistance and guidance on more difficult situations and she jumps straight into the challenge.”

Well done Shauna, keep up the great work!!
Lynn Nixon, Customer Service Advisor – Vivo Bare Foot, is our February Employee of The Month.


“Lynn is at the top QC and CSAT and has month on month been in this position since her start date in November. She is very helpful and empathetic with customers and even has some regular customers who call and ask for Lynn specifically. She always displays a can do attitude and is always going the extra mile on every request. Lynn is a real asset to the Vivo team and Ventrica!”

Amazing work, Lynn, congratulations!
Nominated by their colleagues, our worthy winners are well respected and make a huge difference to the business every day.
Voted for by her colleagues, we are pleased to announce that Georgina Stockwell, Senior – McCarthy & Stone, is our January winner.

People’s Choice Awards


“Georgie always has a positive attitude; she has a great personality and will help anyone in need. She has been a huge support over peak and kept the team motivated.”

Fantastic work, Georgina!


Voted for by her colleagues, we are please to declare Pam Zealey, Team Manager – New Look, our February Peoples Choice winner.

“Pam never fails to help anyone with their work and struggles whether inside or outside of work. You always feel comfortable to turn to her, busy or not she is always there for you. Pam is great at coaching her team and will always guide you through mistakes and give advice to prevent mistakes happening again.”

Wonderful stuff, well done Pam!