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A day in the life of a Team Manager

Fri, August 09, 2019

Lawrence Hill (Larry to his fellow Ventricans) has been with us for 18 months. Starting out as an advisor, Larry is now a Team Manager working with one of our internationally-known clients.

In this article, he explains what a typical day looks like for a Team Manager.

What does your role involve?

As a Team Manager, I’m responsible for ensuring that we get the very best out of our advisors by fully supporting them in their roles. This enables us to deliver an exceptional standard of customer service, hit our targets, and keep within our service level agreements.

I’m essentially responsible for ensuring that the day runs smoothly, taking control of challenges and resolving them.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I really enjoy problem-solving! This role allows me to solve various problems that might arise, taking a step back from what advisors are dealing with and offering solutions from a different perspective.

I also enjoy the diversity that each day offers as every call is different and every customer requires a slightly different approach.

What do you like most about working at Ventrica?

The people that I’ve met working here have been a huge factor in my keenness to progress within Ventrica. I’ve made many friends across the business and each of our client accounts has slightly different setups to get to grips with.

During my time at Ventrica, I’ve also enjoyed working for various clients spanning retail, hospitality, and logistics. In each team, you work in close collaboration with your teammates.

By working on a variety of accounts, you get to experience each brands culture and learn new things that are transferable between teams for the benefit of our clients and their customers.

In your opinion, what’s needed to go from an Advisor to a Team Manager

It’s important to apply yourself. Don’t just do your job, go above and beyond. Take the next step. Be keen to take on more responsibility and let your managers know that you’re willing to learn and progress.

I’m always up for trying new things, tackling any challenges head on to the best standards possible. For the times when I do need help, I’m not afraid to ask.

Calvin Webber, one of our Service Delivery Managers, was my manager when I first joined Ventrica and he would always provide constructive feedback for me to develop and improve my skills. This is still the case even though I have progressed to Team Manager.

He has always taken the time to focus on the development of his staff and often explains a process that is easy to follow.

There have also been a lot of other managers within Ventrica that have helped with my progression and I cannot be more thankful for their support.

If you are interested in pursuing a rewarding career at Ventrica, check out our current vacancies or send us your CV.