Delivering consistent customer communication, across any channel

Your customers should be able to communicate with you across any channel of their choice with total consistency.

Trained, skilled, and knowledgeable advisors, with access to contact histories and a holistic view of each customer are able to optimise first contact resolution, customer spend, and overall omnichannel customer service.

Ventrica deploys digital contact centre solutions that enable our clients to offer their customers the opportunity to interact through various channels such as websites, mobile apps, messaging apps, social media, review sites, telephony, email, chat, in-store visits, and more while experiencing a cohesive and integrated CX.

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Delivering consistent customer communication, across any channel

Implementing an effective omnichannel customer experience outsourcing strategy

This requires a combination of technology, data integration, and process optimisation. Crucially it also requires a customer-centric mindset, delivered in close collaboration with the client.

Blending omnichannel interactions delivers improved customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, and first contact resolution, ultimately delivering a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Your outsourced brand ambassadors act as an extension of your own operations, using technology to drive process efficiencies, manage handoffs between channels in real time, and provide a consistent customer experience.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Increased Customer Loyalty

Higher Conversion Rates


Working with Ventrica’s clients feels like being part of the team, knowing the products inside out, and embodying true brand ambassadors who help shape success.

Theresa Simons – Customer Service Advisor

Omnichannel customer experience solutions

As customers have become savvier and technology-driven, omnichannel customer service has had to evolve too. If someone is unhappy or wishes to make a complaint, what better way to do it than posting something on Facebook or tweeting about it? This puts it out in the public domain for a quick reaction.

So, when considering omnichannel customer experience solutions, you need to ensure customers get a quick response on the channel of their choice. And you need to do this whilst minimising the risk of adverse publicity that can so easily be escalated through social media channels.

That’s where Ventrica offers a guiding hand with expert omnichannel customer management services that transform your approach, including CX consulting.

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Omnichannel customer experience solutions

The CX Journey to 2030

In this white paper, we look into why and how evolving customer preferences and advances in technology are transforming the customer experience. While we can’t all be Edison, Ford, or Bezos, we can certainly apply that type of thinking in our own roles to design new solutions for our customers and continue to improve existing ones. To do that, we need to understand what customers want today and how their preferences and demands are expected to change.

The CX Journey to 2030

The Future of CX

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