The digital customer experience for B2B telemarketing services

The digital customer experience for B2B telemarketing services

Here at Ventrica, we believe that a targeted and well-executed telemarketing campaign is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of generating new business. After all, there is no better way of approaching your prospects and customers than to speak to them directly. With our help, you’ll understand what is B2B customer experiences in the digital age and how they are vital for your telemarketing efforts.

Ventrica has an experienced team of B2B telemarketers who are skilled at opening doors, developing opportunities, and closing sales. Our staff are mature, well trained, motivated and rewarded and therefore won’t use unscrupulous tactics to deliver sales on your behalf. We approach campaigns in a considered and intelligent manner, ensuring you can become B2B customer experience leaders within your sector. Your prospects will be speaking to professionals who will represent your company with the utmost integrity, providing a B2B customer service experience they’ll remember.

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Using advanced telemarketing technology with CX

Clever dialling technology ensures that our staff’s time is spent talking to your prospects and not dialling numbers.

All calls are recorded and archived ensuring there is a voice log of every customer conversation. We’ll send you a call recording of the appointment, so your sales representatives have a clear picture of the client requirement and can feel comfortable they are attending a properly qualified appointment before they ever step out of the door!

Intelligent reporting ensures that you will know exactly how many dials, how many conversations, and the outcome of every single call made on your behalf. We don’t just help our clients position themselves amongst the best B2B customer experience companies, we provide the solutions to continue this success, including omnichannel support and other CX considerations.

Using advanced telemarketing technology with CX

The B2B digital customer experience - a multi-disciplinary service

Whether you have a one-off telemarketing requirement or an ongoing customer contact strategy, we have the skills, experience, and desire to deliver outstanding results on your behalf.

It’s not just sales though, as delivering a digital customer experience for B2B clients is multi-layered. We have many years of telemarketing experience across the following core disciplines:-

  • Appointment setting
  • Direct sales
  • Lead generation
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Welcome calls
  • Customer lifecycle calling
  • Product recall
  • Market research
  • Data cleansing and mining
  • Enhancement
  • Database building
  • Conference and seminar booking

Enhance Your B2B customer experience strategy

Whilst we are telemarketing experts, we help create strategies covering many different digital solutions. We can provide CX consulting services so that your business can thrive amongst its competitors and help develop the software and tools you’ll need.

The value of delivering a well-crafted B2B digital customer experience is ensuring there are future prospects ready and waiting. Through a combination of outbound efforts and a dedicated inbound operation, we help businesses cover all angles to deliver experiences customers want.

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