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Ventrica test-drives Corporate Health Screening from Bluecrest


Ventrica test-drives Corporate Health Screening from Bluecrest

Ventrica test-drives Corporate Health Screening from Bluecrest

Corporate Health Screening from Bluecrest

Southend, UK, April 2013 - Outsourced contact centre Ventrica which provides niche, high quality customer contact services, has been treated to free health screening for its advisors that take care of customer enquiries on behalf of client, Bluecrest Health Screening.

Head of Marketing at Bluecrest Health Screening, Craig Wilmott explains, “In addition to offering customers screenings in local clinics, companies are now asking us to provide screenings in their premises. This is more convenient for their staff who don’t have to take time off to travel or leave the company building. Therefore we wanted to give Ventrica first-hand experience of this new way of delivering screenings which also helps staff when speaking to customers.”

On site at Ventrica’s contact centre in Southend, each of the team were offered their own screening, covering a comprehensive range of health testing from anaemia to heart disease.

Ventrica Customer Advisor, Natalie Archer, who works on the Bluecrest account said,
“The whole experience was really pleasant, quick and easy. Some people are quite apprehensive about anything medical, but the team from Bluecrest were really reassuring, and the tests are simple to do.”

“The report you receive afterwards is really straight-forward to understand and in plain English, without any medical jargon. It gives you a valuable snapshot on all areas of your health and by using colour coding such as Green, Amber and Red; you can quickly pinpoint any areas that may need further attention.   It is now even easier to give great customer service to Bluecrest callers.”

Bluecrest is one of the few mobile screening providers that visit companies at their premises as well as giving them access to 1,532 local convenient clinics.

Craig adds, “Not only is our service really convenient for companies, it is also very cost-effective. Our corporate screening packages start from as little as £29 per person and can be used as a company perk and to create a healthier and engaged workforce.”

Bluecrest also runs a number of on-going incentives to reward Ventrica staff. Pictured is Genna MacFarlane who won an iPad for her excellent customer service during February and March.


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