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Tempcover lowers its costs and improves sales conversions with Ventrica


Tempcover lowers its costs and improves sales conversions with Ventrica

Tempcover lowers its costs and improves sales conversions with Ventrica


Established in 2006, Tempcover is the UK’s leading broker for temporary car and van insurance. With an aim to make obtaining car insurance for any vehicle as quick and easy as possible, Tempcover provides cover for some of the biggest names in the market including; Swinton Insurance, The AA, Compare the Market and Confused. Tempcover is based in Fleet, Hampshire and operates a 24/7 inbound web & telephone based quoting service.

Challenge - Needed additional call handling services to support web sales

Originally Tempcover ran its own in-house call processing centre to handle all telephony enquiries that were not covered by their Internet-based service. However, the company rapidly outgrew its original premises and relocated to its current location in Hampshire. At this stage of the business the company decided to outsource its ‘out of hours’ call management.

This arrangement was successful for a number of years until the incumbent outsourcer was taken over by a larger organisation. CEO at Tempcover, Alan Inskip explains, “We believe that for outsourcing to work well, there needs to be a very close relationship between both parties with each viewing each other as an extension of their own respective businesses. However, once the new owners were in place we lost that personal contact and felt we were just another job on their books. As we were considering extending the outsourced operation to 24/7 we decided it was time to review our outsourcing arrangements”.

The Solution – An FSA accredited outsourced contact centre that places a high value on personal communications and is competitively priced

Alan says, “I had worked with Ventrica’s Dino Forte previously, and had always been impressed with his high level of personal communication and professionalism. Following a visit to Ventrica’s offices and competitive pricing that acknowledged our tight margins, we were convinced that they would be the ideal partner.”

Results – Lower costs, better conversion rates, marketplace differentiation & 24/7 support

According to Alan, the transition to Ventrica was very simple and completed within a month. The transfer from the previous outsourcer was then totally seamless with no downtime.

Alan comments, “To start with, we contracted Ventrica to work on our ‘out of hours’ enquiries. However, very quickly we decided to outsource all of this business on a 24/7 basis. They are now processing over 10,000 calls per month.”

The majority of these calls are from prospective customers who prefer to speak to a live agent, however Ventrica also manages the response to emails from the website from customers who also require assistance either in getting a quote or asking about the level of cover. Ventrica has set up its IT systems so they can access TempCover’s back-office applications without any issues.

He continues, “Ventrica very quickly obtained the same conversion rates as before, but as their call handling times were shorter, this reduced our overall costs”.

An unexpected result of using Ventrica was that the company noticed higher levels of conversion via the phone compared with those via the website. Alan explains; “We now have a 50% improvement on conversion rates on phone calls compared with the online facility. This will alter how we will operate in the future, so we encourage more customers to call us. Unlike some of our competitors that offer a web-only service, we see the importance of offering existing and potential customers the option of speaking to real person, and this is borne out in the conversion figures.”


Alan Inskip concludes, “The results so far have been impressive, the communications between the companies have been excellent, Ventrica’s staff are very knowledgeable and really seem to care about what they are doing. As a result we have had no negative feedback from customers in terms of their experiences over the phone. Compared with running an in-house contact centre the costs are on a par, but with outsourcing with Ventrica, we don’t incur the additional costs of HR, recruitment, sickness issues etc, therefore it is a far more cost-effective way of running this aspect of our business.“

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