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Specialist software supplier targets over 1400 schools through outsourcing with Ventrica


Specialist software supplier targets over 1400 schools through outsourcing with Ventrica

Specialist software supplier targets over 1400 schools through outsourcing with Ventrica


Established in January 2005, Citnexus Ltd based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, sells and supports a range of discounted software to students, teachers, professional bodies, charities and retail organisations. As an authorised educational reseller, Citnexus offers full version software at specially reduced prices of up to 90%. Vendor products include Microsoft, Quark, Adobe and a range of speech-enabled software from Nuance.

Challenge - Wanted to target over 1400 schools with ‘NaturallySpeaking’ software

 Managing Director and founder of Citnexus, Ian Bourne commented, “By law, every school in the country has to employ a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). We recognised this as the perfect opportunity to promote a special offer on Nuance’s ‘NaturallySpeaking’ software aimed at children with learning difficulties such as Dyslexia. We had a list of SENCOS, but did not have the internal resources to cope with reaching all 1,400 contacts ourselves.”

The Solution – Outsourced partnership with Ventrica to manage calls & appointment setting

“Nuance introduced us to Ventrica” says Ian, “an outsourced contact centre that they had already successfully worked with them on inbound and outbound sales campaigns. Taking advantage of our Nuance co-op marketing funds, we decided that this would be a cost-effective and practical method of establishing relationships with a large volume of potential customers within a relatively short time period.”

Citnexus arranged to visit Ventrica’s modern 134 seat contact centre to meet the team and discuss how the campaign would run.

“I was immediately struck with the lively and competitive spirit that existed at Ventrica and everyone I met was very professional and enthusiastic.”

After agreeing a script and training on the sales proposition, calls began just a few days later.

Results – After two weeks 22 sales appointments confirmed

“The main problem we face; is getting in front of schools in the first place. Ventrica helped us to overcome this barrier with their tenacious yet non-salesy approach. This went down particularly well with the education sector as they do not react well to an aggressive sell. Due to the nature of education, it is also sometimes quite difficult to get past receptionists and gatekeepers. All of Ventrica’s agents were able to strike a good balance between tracking down the relevant person and then identifying sufficient interest to secure an appointment.”

“Not only did the campaign identify demand for the NaturallySpeaking software for children, it also uncovered the potential to sell the product to administrators and teachers which could use it as an effective dictation tool - saving considerable time and money. So far we have been delivered 22 sales appointments with potentially more to come.”

During the campaign, Citnexus was able to monitor progress with leads forwarded on a daily basis and the option of listening to voice recordings remotely.


Ian Bourne at Citnexus concludes, “From beginning to end, we have been very pleased with what Ventrica has been able to achieve in such as short period of time. Getting that crucial face-to-face appointment is often the first step towards establishing a long-term and lucrative relationship. Once a prospect has seen a demo they are usually blown away by what the software can do and in many cases it often uncovers other sales opportunities too.”

“We would recommend outsourcing with Ventrica to any organisation that wants to create qualified leads in a cost-effective manner.”

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