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Fast-growing Training company benefits from outsourcing 'out-of-hours' credit-checking and payment processing


Fast-growing Training company benefits from outsourcing 'out-of-hours' credit-checking and payment processing

Fast-growing Training company benefits from outsourcing 'out-of-hours' credit-checking and payment processing


Headquartered in Hastings, New Career Skills was founded in 1998 as a specialist training provider, and helps thousands of people re-train for a range of occupations from plumbers to electricians. Recent years have seen New Career Skills expand and in 2008, the company was named one of the 100 fastest growing companies in the UK. New Career Skills employs over 100 staff and has additional training centres in Watford, Doncaster and Southampton. The company believes the secret of its success is in delivering a service that’s best in class.

Challenge – Need to credit check new students around the clock
Finance & Operations Director at New Career Skills, Marc Rickard, explains "All our courses are privately-funded by the students, so before a new applicant enrols on a course, our field sales team visits them at their home, often in the evenings or weekends, to review their needs and discuss financing. Prior to agreeing finance we need to assess the potential student’s credit status, so the sales team knows whether they can afford to pay for the course. In the past, this was done by existing staff, but we wanted a more quick and independent method of verifying credit information."

The Solution – '24/7 credit checking service & payment processing'

"Much of the credit-checking must be done out-of-hours" says Marc "because new students are usually already working, so are not available during the day. Rather than invest in more staff to handle this internally or get people to work at weekends and so on, it made sense to look for an outsourcing partner that could do this for us."

New Career Skills reviewed a number of potential suppliers, but finally selected Ventrica based on a recommendation. Marc says, "Ventrica were really approachable and we liked their responsiveness and flexibility. They took great care in understanding our requirements and delivering a solution that matched our specific needs."

After some initial training, Ventrica were up and running with the service in a couple of weeks.

"Our sales team simply call Ventrica directly and they will do an automatic credit check on the candidate there and then. They have also now set up the facility to handle payments of deposits too, so the team can simply ring through during evenings or weekends, and Ventrica will immediately process direct debit or credit card payments over the phone. This saves our team a significant amount of time and also speeds up the enrolment process."

Results - 'Affordable and reliable out-of-hours service'

"Ventrica provides us with an affordable and reliable out-of-hours service which enables us to fully support and complement our field sales team".


"We're really pleased with the work that Ventrica has done so far and see them as an integral part of our business moving forward." concludes Marc.

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