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Claim2Gain switches to Ventrica to provide 85-90% conversion rates with 24/7 outsourcing


Claim2Gain switches to Ventrica to provide 85-90% conversion rates with 24/7 outsourcing

Claim2Gain switches to Ventrica to provide 85-90% conversion rates with 24/7 outsourcing


Based in Maidstone, Kent, and founded in 2003, Claim2Gain is one of the UK’s most successful claim management companies. Initially specialising in mis-sold endowment policies, the company has extended its services to become a leader in Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims.

Challenge - Needed to outsource inbound telephony operation with scope for outbound campaigns

Claim2Gain’s business is firmly focused on the consumer market, therefore it has to tailor its operation to meet the needs of its customers who mostly call outside of office hours."Calls can quite literally come in at any time of the day or night; we have even had calls on Christmas day. Furthermore, the business has definite peaks and troughs of calling activity, for example, the phones are busy after an advertising campaign, but business can also be slow at certain times of the day, week or month."

Clearly it was not economically viable to maintain a call processing operation that could match this 24/7 requirement. Matt, therefore made the decision early that he needed to outsource this activity to a third-party who could specialise in responding to inbound calls at anytime, process the customers details and then forward to an in-house claims specialist who would deal with the enquiry

"Our initial outsourcing partnership worked well" says Matt, "however we felt we might be missing some opportunities as some of our older records had not been turned into business. We felt that we could augment our business by following up with an outbound campaign on some of our ‘dead’ contacts and see if we could bring them back to life."

In order to do this the company decided to look for an alternative outsource partner that could handle both inbound and outbound campaigns.

The Solution – A reliable outsourcer with both outbound/inbound industry-specific experience

Matt had worked with Ventrica’s Dino Forte in the past and had been impressed by the level of flexibility that he had delivered, along with excellent results. Matt explains, "Ventrica offered the outbound calling that we desired for our new campaign at a price that was worth the risk. It was essential that we tested this new route as our competitors were already active with outbound calling."

Results – Excellent conversion rates of between 85-90%, and new business from outbound calls

Matt comments on the results so far, "The transition was very simple, we started by getting Ventrica to do some of the outbound calls first so they would have a good idea of what sort of questions would be asked. This gave them an idea of the calibre of client they would be dealing with and we were able to fine- tune the scripting as required. Once this was achieved the changeover pretty much took place over night."

He continues, "The conversion rates have been excellent, with around 85-90% success rate on contacts made. Furthermore, Ventrica has been quite innovative with the outbound campaign. They suggested that their agents would physically complete the form over the phone with the agent at the time of calling. This was very successful and converted a number of ‘dead’ clients into new business."

According to Matt the campaign reporting has been customised to Claim2Gain’s exact requirements so that the company can receive the business intelligence they need on a daily basis.


Matt sums up his experience of working with Ventrica; "The service from Ventrica has been excellent, we did take a risk with taking on a new venture, but our decision has been more than vindicated as they have delivered everything that we have asked from them and more."

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