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Association relies on Ventrica to provide comprehensive, quality-assured, enquiry management


Association relies on Ventrica to provide comprehensive, quality-assured, enquiry management

Association relies on Ventrica to provide comprehensive, quality-assured, enquiry management


The Association of Policy Market Makers (APMM) consists of 5 member firms specialising in the buying and selling of with-profits endowments and whole-of-life policies. Founded in April 1992, APMM offers policy owners and financial advisers a central location to access the leading market makers in the industry, enabling them to achieve the best price for a policy.

The association also promotes awareness and understanding of the TEP (Traded Endowment Policy) market and ensures that the highest professional standards are maintained by members and that they adhere to the Association’s Practice Guidelines. The APMM and all its members are regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Challenge - Association needed an experienced FSA accredited contact centre to manage all their enquiries (including data gathering) from financial advisers and consumers

APMM Honorary Secretary, Lynda Kennedy explains, "All enquiries either come through our website or via IFAs, but because the association doesn’t have the internal resources to manage the volume of inbound enquiries, it makes sense to use a professional outsourced contact centre. We knew we needed an experienced and FSA accredited partner that would need minimal training and would be also be reasonably competitive."

The Solution – Speedy, experienced & effective handling of all enquiries at a reasonable cost

"Ventrica was recommended to us by a colleague who had worked with their MD in the past and was impressed by the level of services offered. They were also FSA accredited and demonstrated a high level of professionalism." says Lynda

She continued, "Endowments can be quite complicated and in order for our members to offer an evaluation, Ventrica’s staff are required to gather up to 5 or 6 crucial pieces of information. This can be a little confusing for the consumer, but what Ventrica is very good at is not bamboozling the caller, so they can obtain the information they need with minimum fuss. We provided some initial training and scripts to work with and they soon were up and running."

In some cases, the caller may not have sufficient information at hand, but they are simply given a reference number and when they call back, the record and all their data pops up on the agent’s screen, so the application can be completed.

Quotes are generally issued within 48 hours

"Every day at 4pm, Ventrica regularly sends through all the data in a spreadsheet which is distributed to all our members. Those that are interested in valuing and purchasing the policy will issue a quote to the consumer and/or IFA generally within 48 hours" explains Lynda.

Results – 100% of all ‘leads’ & information passed correctly through to members

"As far as APMM is concerned 100% of all calls are managed successfully as our members receive sufficient information to then evaluate the policy and if interested make an offer. Ventrica provides comprehensive cover for all enquiries, 6 days a week."

Summary: "We are very happy with the service they provide"

"We have been working with Ventrica for nearly two years now and are very happy with the service that they provide. The relationship is very easy to manage because they are pretty autonomous and apart from the odd query they simply get on with the job and in an effective and speedy manner."

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