Customer Insight

We use customer insight data to reduce costs, increase sales and consistently improve the customer experience.

We use customer insight data to reduce costs, increase sales and consistently improve the customer experience.

Customer insight has been defined as “a deep truth about the customer, based on their behaviour, experiences, beliefs, needs or desires that is relevant to the tasks or issue and rings bells with target people”.

Data collection, interpretation
and analysis

In most cases Ventrica acts as the first point of contact a customer has with our clients‘ organisation and because of this we are uniquely placed to provide valuable feedback and information driven by customer behaviours, sentiment, purchasing habits and a raft of other metrics.

For example intelligent collection, interpretation and analysis of data allows us to provide our ecommerce clients with highly valuable product sales information broken down into a vast array of combinations. This type of analysis helps our clients to cross-sell more by identifying product associations to better understand which combination of products customers are most likely to buy. Through this analysis and based on historical purchasing behaviour we can undertake propensity modelling that can help predict future purchasing habits thus allowing you to become more focused on profitable customers.

Implementation to improve service

Our service encompasses more than just managing BAU on behalf of our clients and we consistently challenge our existing operational methodologies with a view to implementing more cost-efficient solutions that will improve the customer experience and drive more sales.

Our Service Delivery Managers are tasked with ‘getting under the skin’ of our clients’ businesses and through an in-depth knowledge implementing business improvement initiatives designed to reduce costs, increase sales and consistently improve the customer experience. These type of initiatives include reducing unnecessary contacts into the business through recommendations designed to improve self serve measures, such as:

  • Better website signposting
  • Intelligent IVR to provide more information to the customer before being passed through to a live Advisor
  • Clever dialling strategies to ensure on outbound campaigns we are maximising client contact through intelligent use of data
  • Implementation of CSAT measures to gauge customer feedback and sentiment

Work with Ventrica and we’ll not just provide you with a Sales and Customer Service team, but we’ll help improve and drive your business forward through the provision of a truly collaborative partnership approach.

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Accreditations and Awards

Ventrica's excellence has been recognised by the following industry-leading authorities…

  • Partnership of the Year Awards 2015 - Winner
  • European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards 2015
  • UK National Contact Centre Awards 2016
  • London and South East - Contact Centre Of The Year 2016 - Winner
  • London and South East - Best Outsourced Partnership 2016 - Finalist
  • London and South East - Advisor Of The Year 2017 - Winner
  • London and South East - Outsourcing Partnership of the Year 2017 - Winner
  • Call Centre Management Association
  • Financial Conduct Authority - FCA
  • SGS
  • UKAS Management Systems
  • ICO
  • Members of UK Contact Centre Forum - UKCCF